344 Summit Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55102

Proposed "Luxury Boutique Hotel" 

Developer's Proposal Documents


Developer's Application
["CUP Application"]

As delivered to City of St. Paul on 07/30/2014 
and "officially received" on 08/05/2014

Download copy of .PDF File -- 42-pgs -- 2.52MB

Public Hearing Notice
Thursday, Aug 28, 2014
3:30 pm
Room 300, City Hall/Court House    


Developer's Proposal
["CUP Application"]

As delivered to some neighbors on or before 06/25/2014


Download copy of .PDF File -- 15-pgs -- 803KB

Proposal Status as of 07/09/2014

The developer, John Rupp, has been exploring uses for 344 Summit and has talked to various staff at the City about historic preservation codes for building remodeling, permits for beer/wine service, uses allowed under zoning, etc.

The "zoning" application posted here was given as a draft for review by the City, but final documents were not not formally submitted to the City until 07/30/2014 because of the various issues and questions raised by the proposal.  See above for documents that were eventually submitted.

Developer's Suggested-Additions-1
to CUP Proposal

As circulated via e-mail on 07/17/2014

Download copy of .PDF File -- 1-pg -- 51KB


John Rupp invited property owners who live close to 344 Summit to a meeting and discussion about the proposed hotel project.  John responded to comments & questions raised by those who attended, and after the meeting he wrote and circulated these suggested changes to parts of the proposed application for a conditional use permit. 

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